Briana Ekhator

What does it mean to be me? What does it mean to exist ? To inhabit this vessel? To me it’s being formless ... without labels or aesthetics not having to prove the love of great spirit that is ever expanding... learning the sacred dance of the cosmos that is within and not without. To heal and grow with a love so potent ...to live in my truth of purpose...to be of service for humanity. The journeys through out our lives add up to each moment, to new layers of ourselves. A remembrance of our truest self is the why of our WHY...the motivation & pull of our dreams and goals. I came to Earth to heal & remember my connection with all things. I have uprooted my life to Arizona on the path of working towards my doctorate to be a Naturopathic Doctor, my goal has always been to bring holistic health back into black & brown communities given that our health is never usually seen as important as others. I know the challenges & micro-aggressions of academia will rear it’s head but it has not instilled fear. For this path has been written in the stars for me and I’m surrendering and trusting the process.  Trusting the process has opened doors for me ....such as this one. I will always be grateful, for what will be will be.
- Briana Ekhator

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