Growing up, I imagined a colorful life for myself. The kind of aspirations I had weren’t the easiest to come by being born and raised in Phenix City, Alabama. I met Cary during a time in my life where I was intentionally stepping out of my comfort zone to do things I’ve dreamt of doing but stopped myself for years because of FEAR.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that right on the other side of all that fear was a lot of potential and MAGIC. The experience was magical and helped me to realize the Genius inside of myself. Cary and the team affirmed to me what I am capable of when I believe in my being and creativity. After that photoshoot, I went back home, inspired to pursue my dreams more fiercely!

On September 12 2017, I was very close to losing my life to gun violence. The bullet punctured my right hip, damaging the femoral artery. I received an emergency blood transfusion. The experience shook my entire existence but I woke up more grateful for life than I’d ever been. I felt that I had survived for reasons outside of me, as though my work here is not finished. I’ve taken that with me and it has inspired my steps since.

The doctors told me my good health had a lot to do with my speedy recovery. I am halfway through a course that will allow me to do certified business as a Holistic Nutritionist. It wouldn’t fulfill me more than to be able to assist others (especially the people who look like me) in their journey to ultimate health, mentally, emotionally, physically, and Spiritually. This work has become a passion of mine along my own journey to Ultimate Health.

I have also been blessed to meet a beautiful group of Black and Brown women who I collaborate with to grow the nonprofit organization, Hidden Content Network.

Hidden Content Network is a Women ran organization of young adults. We registered as a 501(c)(3) non profit in 2019. Hidden Content Network aims to connect people of the African Diaspora and ignite positive support within communities of color. By using media and events to celebrate the content of people of color and encourage us to come together to discuss and find solutions to the issues that are impacting our communities. Our team is currently working on all the prerequisites that are needed to receive funding to actively have more events and important discussions about the issues impacting our communities and solutions for said issues.

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