Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

How often have you heard that “we learn as long as we live”? Many times, we’re sure. But the more important question is – how many times have you actually pondered about it? Are you a person that loves to learn, loves a good challenge, loves to grow from past experiences, and sees failures as fantastic lessons to flex skills and advance in the future? Or are you the person who is often disheartened by a challenge or a failure? In short, these are two mindsets – fixed and growth.

Let’s dive deeper into the difference between these two mindsets and eventually inspire you to get unstuck and unlock your full potential!


Understanding Growth and Fixed Mindset

We are born to progress, learn and develop our skills. Think about it. Can you tell us a baby that was born smart enough to make a construction plan? Or maybe design a game? No. These things are learned afterward. Every day, there are new challenges and new obstacles in the baby’s world – but also growth and new skills!

Now, as you grow, suddenly, you are faced with disappointment, fears, and uncertainty. Where did it all go wrong?

Some people are more adaptive to changes and challenges, but others feel devastated when their intelligence is tested. And that is a fixed mindset. Failing to do a successful project, getting an F on a test, failing in your relationship because you thought “it was meant to be” – everything feels heartbreaking and doesn’t give you the will to continue fighting for it. You accept that things are what they are. But guess what. Each and every one of these aspects is part of growth. There is no “meant to be” – there is working on the obstacles and overcoming them. Every problem or “failure” is a chance to grow and nurture your intelligence. In other words, to successfully progress, you need to transform the fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

In essence, a growth mindset is bound to find a solution or fix a problem – sure, there can be some negative emotions involved ( nothing is black or white), but the main point is everything is a lesson. You shouldn’t feel discouraged by failure; on the contrary. Simply see that challenge as something “not yet – try again”.


How do you get unstuck – transition from Fixed and progress towards Growth Mindset 

Everything starts with acknowledgment. You first need to first acknowledge that you have a fixed mindset. However, this might not be for all aspects of life. The next thing you should do is to identify your triggers. What makes you feel discouraged to progress, flex your skills, and come out of your comfort zone? Then you will be able to map out your problems and come up with a solution. In other words, the solution is PROGRESS. Any progress should be rewarded. Even if it doesn’t show the expected results. Simply praise any progress that enables you to expand your horizons and learn something that will help you grow.

It is essential to approach and face your fixed mindset mindfully. Know that any human ability can be grown – nothing is static; it is just a fixed mindset making you believe that. The difficulty, challenges, and problems – are all growth opportunities. Keep in mind that intelligence CAN BE DEVELOPED and that defeat is MOTIVATING.

Finally, nurture your brain and train it to have a reflex to solve challenges instead of giving up. Be it by literature or by solving puzzles and other mindful activities – this will enable you to cope with everything more easily. How come? There is a basic science behind it – when you solve problems and obstacles, your brain’s neurons will form stronger connections over time, making you more intelligent and adaptive to growth. You become more mindful of your actions and, therefore, wiser about your response and progress in life.

We hope that we’ve provided clarity and inspired you to shift your fixed mindset and focus on growth. To further help you on that journey, we have compiled some amazing books – The Library – and Mindful Activities –!

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