black is king

an exclusive 260pc fine art jigsaw puzzle with beyoncé.

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meet hunter

The curator, nutritionist and model looking to reconnect the African Diaspora through meaningful communication

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dreams over fear

Growing up, I imagined a colorful life for myself. The kind of aspirations I had weren’t the easiest to come by being born and raised in Phenix City, Alabama. I met Cary during a time in my life where I was intentionally stepping out of my comfort zone to do things I’ve dreamt of doing but stopped myself for years because of FEAR...

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words with Briana

What does it mean to be me? What does it mean to exist ? To inhabit this vessel? To me it’s being formless ... without labels or aesthetics not having to prove the love of great spirit that is ever expanding... learning the sacred dance of the cosmos that is within and not without. To heal and grow with a love so potent ...to live in my truth of purpose...to be of service for humanity...

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NR magazine: feature

As social lives and daily activities are put on hold indefinitely, doing a puzzle is undoubtedly one way to pass the time, and it’s something that a lot of people have cottoned on to. An article in the New York Times reported that the demand for puzzles has exceeded Christmas-time figures. Certainly, then, the puzzle business couldn’t be more lucrative – but this isn’t a new venture for Houston-based Fagan. timeless.goods, the avenue through which Fagan’s puzzles are stocked, started back in September 2018...

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the final product

take a look at a few completed puzzles.