About Us

Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzles + Prints by Multidisciplinary Artist Cary Fagan

“Timeless Goods by CF has been selling and promoting puzzles since September 2018 – not just as an activity or a pastime, but also as an exercise in thoughtfulness and a chance to nurture relationships with our peers. timeless.goods was the natural progression of a series of questions that the photographer Cary Fagan asked himself. At first: How can I transform my work into another medium? And then: How can people build relationships with works of art? What if, for example, you could break an artwork up? And then piece it back together? Puzzles have been around for centuries now, it’s not a new concept –it’s a tried and tested activity that gives use the chance to pause for thought. 

For Timeless Goods, it’s important to emphasize the process of doing a puzzle. It’s here that we can interact with works of art in different ways. Be it alone, with family, friends new or old, puzzles present the chance to connect with ourselves and one another. Timeless Goods is about sharing experiences; from the anticipation that comes with spreading out the loose pieces to the sense of achievement that comes with placing that last piece. Time will pass by – it may feel like it has flown by, or maybe it stops temporarily – either way, we are given the chance to disconnect from the world around us.

Art allows us to build relationships. We can learn to appreciate the world around us in new ways; it allows us to see the textures of a surface or the colors of an image with fresh intensity. Immerse yourself in each piece of the puzzle – immerse yourself into the scene. Take time to hold each unique piece, and reflect on your unique experience. Through art, we can empower one another. timeless.goods supports others; ‘disconnect for a cause’- support the future. Do a puzzle and we’ll donate a percentage of profit to BLACK GIRLS CODE.