“when you break the column you alter the idea of “perfect” aging perfection; making it timeless”

"you need chairs to stack,
just like you need people too help build dreams.
without these chairs none of this would have been possible. chairs are people too..

"chair stacking instructional: a brief guide for stacking chairs"

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“not only a good; it’s timeless.“

Our focus is disconnecting from the everyday routine we often find ourselves in and sharing your time with others in a meaningful way. These puzzles can be a conversation starter or a break from reality. Overall, there are no rules. Challenge yourself; disconnect” do it in groups if you have the “time”, all we ask is that you share your feedback, we’d love to hear about your experience.



- 260/500/1000 piece puzzle (photography by cary fagan)

- phone not required during this simple experience
- study your puzzle as you piece it together; that is where the relationship begins.

shipping worldwide.

260 piece 

500 piece

1000 piece

1000 piece (international)

user feedback:

“try a puzzle today, it’s good for your brain”.

“we had some friends over and everyone was getting so obsessed with finding the next piece. it was beautiful.“

“i’m going to hold onto this for the rest of my life and give it to my kids when they’re older.”

“the set up is so clever”

“i haven’t done a puzzle in years”

“didn’t even notice my phone died”

“its refreshing to see color in puzzle format”

“where did the time go?”

“I like the pieces; they aren’t normal puzzle pieces… they make you think”

“puzzles always bring back good family memories.”

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